Svenja Tiger is a visual and textile artist, costume designer and performer. In her artistic practice, she explores topics linked to personal and cultural mythology, fictional narratives, science-fiction, among others. She researches on how our private narratives are deeply rooted in ancient storytelling and folklore and conversely, how those have the ability to tell us intimate, confidential stories about ourselves. She has a strong urge to bond her researches around the places she visits, in order to get evolved with the hidden structures, creatures and phenomenons existing in those. She seeks to explore physical existence and life through how both are interacting with the invisible forces that connect them with its given surroundings and realities. She experiments with installations, photography, drawing and performances. She assumes that the collaboration with other artists of all kinds is indespensable in order to learn and grow. Her main medium of experimentation and thrive is the material world of textiles though, through which she found a way to examine how the permament use and reuse of textile can serve to reflect on ourself and how its transformation and reconfiguration can serve as a mirrow on social and ecological issues.



between 2018 to 2020 external consultor for the company Quaternaire Portugal – Consultoria Para O Desenvolvimento, S.a. researching and advicing on content related to Masks, Ritual and Carnival Arts.



Master in Fine Arts in FBAUP, Porto, Portugal.


Bachelor in Costume Design in ESMAE, Porto, Portugal.




Individual exhibiton at MUPI GALLERY, Porto, Portugal.




Individual exhibiton at DENTRO, Porto, Portugal.




Group exhibition and performance Conversation among animals Museu como Performance in Fundação Serralves, Portugal.

Group exhibition WIRELESS in Bienal textil of Poznan in Poznan, Poland.

Group exhibiton Malva with collective SIROCO in O Museu de Lanifícios, Portugal.

Group exhibition Cortex Frontal in Plato Gallery, Évora, Portugal.

Group exhibition Intelecto Agente in Grémio dos Operários, Coimbra, Portugal.

Group exhibition Drink me in Atelier Logicofobista, Porto, Portugal.




Solo exhibition Celebrating Mistery in Heimabyggd, Ísafjörður, Iceland

Solo exhibition NUME in Rua das Gaivotas 6, Lisbon, Portugal

Group exhibition Bienal de Vila Nova de Cerveira XXII, Cerveira, Portugal

Solo exhibition Solvitur Ambulando in Galeria Vitrina, Espaço FISGA, Porto, Portugal




Participation in group exhibition and community project for Bienal de Maia 2021, Maia, Portugal

Selection for the exhibition ANUÁRIO 20, Armazém do Fundo, Porto, Portugal

Individual exibition Unearthy but Human, Unhuman but Earthy in Galeria do Sol, Porto, Portugal



Virtual exhibition Labirinto cá fora, Labirinto cá dentro na Galeria ADENTRO, Porto, Portugal

Individual exibition Extinção de um Planeta in Galeria Geraldes da Silva, Porto, Portugal

Virtual exhibition A U M in colab with Irina Pereira (Oficina Arara) for Loading Fest, Porto, Portugal

Individual exhibition Terra em Vénus in Galeria Cozinha, FBAUP, Porto, Portugal

Collaboration for the exhibition Offside Paradise do José Oliveira, Espaço MIRA, Porto, Portugal.


Exhibition BAHAMUT in colab with Polliana Dalla Barba and Kaue Gindri in Galeria Rua do Sol, Porto, Portugal

Colective Exhibition Uma noite de verão in Via Aberta in Mota Galiza, Porto, Portugal

Group exhibition MINI:MAL in NAGA Gallery, Poland

Exhibition Monsieur Mercury in collaboration with Francisco Babo in HomeAlone, Clermont-Ferrand, France


Collective exhibition XX Bienal de Vila Nova de Cerveira
Performance with WINDHUND at XX Bienal de Vila Nova de Cerveira,Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal





Artistic Residency in Adega (Associação Pele) em Azevedo, Porto.

Artistic Residency on Tufting in Cortex Frontal, Arraiolos, Portugal.



Artistic Residency in Silo – Arte e Latitude Rural, Brazil

Artistic Residency in ArtsIceland, Ísafjörður, Iceland

Artistic Residency in tapestry with Guida Fonseca at CORTEX FRONTAL, Arraiolos, Portugal

Artistic Residency in screen printing with Alexandra Rafael and Tómaz at Oficina MESCLA, Porto, Portugal



Artistic Residency in the format of Serviço de Emergências 2021 Teatro de Ferro 2021, Porto, Portugal



Artistic Residency in HomeAlone in Clermont-Ferrand, France




Artistic Residency in Vila Nova de Cerveira in CASA DO ARTISTA

Artistic Residency in Casa da Imagem in Santo Antão in Cabo Verde






Project: Micélio in collaboration with Constanza Givone and Clelia Colonna at Fogolento.
Project: Garden/ Jardim in collaboration with Joana Magalhães and Ines Malheiro at CAMPUS.



Between Oasis and horizonte for the programe Cultura em Expansão




Costume (Jellyfish) for premiere of the LP Habitat by Angelica Salvi.

Mask and Costume for the movie Clandestino by Maria Mire.

Creation and concept of masks for the movie Fosfeno by Miguel Filgueiras.

Collaboration with CedofeitaVintage; textil intervention.

Hosting in Duo in colab with Francisco Babo for Cabaré Brutal #4, Portugal and Brazil.



Presentation of the piece Linhas Nómadas in a Work-in-process for FIMP (Festival Internacional de Marionetas), 2021, Porto, Portugal

Performance with Windhunde for the CQNE (Concerts that never existed), Douro River, Portugal

Performance-Presenter for Cabaré Brutal#3, Auditório CCOP Porto, Portugal



Performance-Presenter in duet with Francisco Babo for Cabaré Brutal#2, Porto, Portugal



Performance-Presenter in duet with Francisco Babo for Cabaré Brutal#1, Porto, Portugal



Performance Espirito Continuum in colab with Kaue Gindri and Francisco Babo as WINDHUNDE presented in the 20th Bienal de Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal



Costume/Set Design and assistance in artistic direction for the piece “Das Narrenschyff” by Hierominosch Bosch in colab with Bertrand Chavarría-Aldrete presented Teatro Rivoli, Porto, Portugal



Shuttle 21 – AGORAPORTO
Program for the internationialization of artists, Porto, 2022

Prémio de Aquisição in Bienal de Vila Nova de Cerveira XXII

Anuário 20, Porto, 2021



Admire the predator (risography), 2024
Edited by TinaSiuda.

Anuário (catalog), 2023
Retrospective Exhibition of artistic anual activity in Porto.

Bienal of Textile Art in Póznan (catalog), 2023
Bienal of Textile Art.

Yuzin Azores (Fanzine), 2022
Cultural Agenda of Ponta Delgada, São Miguel, Azores.

Bienal de VNCXXII (catalog), 2022
Bienal de Arte contemporânea.

Lapin-Canard éditions (poster), 2022
Poster comissioned by Lapin-Canard éditions, Paris, France.

Holy Vulcanos/ Holy Faces (silc screen poster), 2022
Edited by Oficina Mescla.

Oficina Mescla (catalog), 2022
Artistic Residency in Printmaking.

Fascículo #1 (jornal), 2022
With text by Irina Pereira,
edited and comissioned by Paralaxe.

Bienal da Maia ÁGORA (catalog), 2021
Bienal de Arte contemporânea.

Lamparina #1 (catalog), 2021
Edition from the colective Rua do Sol about past exhibitions in Galeria do Sol.

Anuário 20 (catalog), 2021
Exposition that reflects about artistic envolvement in the last year.